A Little Background Story


First of all, I don’t know if anyone is still checking out this website, but is live again!

For those who know why they are here, you just know. For those who don’t, this website was created and once ran by a famous rogue player and PvP video uploader named Akrios in World of Warcraft since 2006, until he posted a goodbye letter on this site on July 25th, 2010. You can find a copied version here . The website was laid aside by Akrios some times later and has been listed for sale for years until May 22, 2019, the day I decided to pick up where he left and do something about it. Please be clear that I am not doing any of this for profit (this website was listed for US $1,399.00 when bought out, for me it's totally worthy) or fame or anything that's material, but merely for myself, the one from 10 years ago, a newbie rogue player who looked up to Akrios - his favorite player in WoW. I welcome all others who behaved in a similar way as I did, because I still see a lot of nostalgic comments below Akrios' videos on WCM or YouTube. Guess I'm not alone, except that I'm doing something for my own nostalgia this time. If you watched one of his videos, if you hear trance music and first think of Akrios, if you are a dedicated Mutilate rogue player, then you've gotten to the right place. I don't have a lot of ideas about what to do with this site yet. So far I'm still building it and I know for sure that I'll get all of his videos uploaded here because they are almost gone everywhere; less and less people even know him anymore. I'll also get the music list and some UI Add-Ons he once used. Be very clear that the add-ons have been updated over time and many of them are not the same or even compatible with current WoW client anymore. I’ll also see if I can attach a comment section somewhere so you guys can write down what’s up on your mind without registering to the website or anything. I'll see what I can do, but I'm not a professional tech so don't get your hopes up.

In Akrios’s goodbye letter, he mentioned how he gradually lost interest in WoW at the time as the PvP was patched by Blizzard in a horrible way and the community and player base also accepted that and became no brainers (not all, but a certain amount). Go read his letter for exact words. I felt the same. A lot of players did, too and that’s majorly why people left. Healthy gamers game for fun, not in a way which could make them suffer. He tried to become a dedicated professional gamer or sort by getting sponsored, then he figured it’s even worse; kinda like you had to kiss ass and blend in as some kind of prerequisites even for a spot in a trial tournament team. I mean, that guy, he was too proud to kiss people’s ass. The result was he ended up wandering in Dalaran between raids, playing strong RLS comp for the win, instead of competing with others while exercising one’s actual skills, etc. I can see how he ended up AFK for a longer and longer time, until he devoted his time somewhere else, somewhere better. I did naively want to help him back then, but I was simply not able to. Now I can, but he is no longer around.

And how did I suddenly decide to bring this site back? So I was packing up my stuff for a little moving while listening to random downloaded tracks as background noise, then his WLK Eviscerate Arena series started to roll in, from Vol. II all the way to VII. I’m still confused how my favorite videos hacked into my music playlist, but by the time I was done packing all my crap, I made up my mind - It’s been almost 10 years, I’m supporting myself a decent life, and there is nothing much left that can connect myself to that part of my good memories other than the videos and this website. F*ck it, I owe it to myself. I admit I am a very nostalgic person, so as many vanilla/TBC WoW players and Akrios’ fans from what I observed. So I pulled the trigger. I know it won’t be the same, the website and everything. I’m not him, not even close, but god wouldn’t it be nice if Akrios is still playing? I’m not even currently playing too. I’m always sub’d tho, making people think I’m still a die-hard WoW player, but I haven’t logged on yet, not even once since July 2018. I haven’t been a very skilled player. In fact I chose undead rogue solely for its outstanding appearance and animations. Things were changed when I randomly stumbled upon Akrios’ videos, especially the ones from the WLK expansion. I truly learned A LOT about this game and the class. His videos were more than entertainment. I always find his videos very inspiring even in Cata, where the gameplay was already way different from that of WLK. Oh and I really appreciate his taste in music. Trance used in his videos ended up as my only playlist for a really long time. Now I’m just a casual gamer, most of the time playing VR games at home. I miss the old game. Again, I don’t have much clue of what to do with this site. Perhaps mainly just for sharing good memories, and a gathering call for WoW Classic Server…maybe? Well one thing for sure I’m definitely gonna crawl back to sweet Azeroth in August.

At that time, towards the end of S7, that’s when I started playing WoW a bit more intensively. I was too young back in 2005 until 2009 when I could only play a couple of hours each week. My WoW experience was not so fluent but I did get to taste all the good stuff in Vanilla and TBC, in case you wondered. During S7, that’s a bad time for Mutilate rogues IMHO because we were forced to ditch Eviscerate and started using Envenom as finisher. Me personally favors the pure melee abilities than hybrid ones like Envenom. What I define rogue (Mutilate at least) is a class that kicks ass so hard that could actually obliterate opponents out of a cold-blooded Eviscerate; then even if I died, I’d dragged someone with me to hell. That’s what it’s all about, in my opinion. Now that rogues have health regeneration, OP defensive abilities, normalized attack routines, etc; it’s not that’s not good, just not the rogue play style I remembered and treasured. I feel like I’m just another normal melee class now. I guess the same logic applies to other classes/talents such as Destro Warlocks; some unique classes/talents just got normalized over patches which mitigated their weakness (ie. lack of defense), but at the cost of their uniqueness and strength (ie. damage, or the ability to out play others with your skills). 

I didn’t quite get a chance to experience the good-o-days during S5, S6 since I was still leveling up to 80 due to my heavy academic workload. So all I could have were the videos made by good rogue players, Akrios in particular. That’s how I fell in love with Mutilate rogue, the beauty of violence with those big ass daggers. But at the end of day, I experienced nothing myself, not for real gameplay. It was a pity. After that, Rogues were useless as far as I could tell unless acting as a coordinator in a certain comp in arenas. Mutilate rogue was dead, world PVP was dead; the most fun part of being a rogue was random world PVP encounters where we could surprise others, or utilize our best skills to 1vN, or maybe just vanish half way and let the other guy being afraid of getting cheap shot for a really long time. That’s true PvP. Scripted/arena PvPs since late WLK were like PVE with AI boss who looked like players; you open LFR, get in BG, ‘hi guys’, facerolling keyboard, ‘gg guys’ or ‘damn y’all suckers’ depends on win/lose. That’s how far people have got, further and further away from the true PvP experience, which plays a huge part and is a critical component of WoW gameplay.

Still, I tried to learn and practice in order to become a rogue as good as Akrios, then I managed to vanish death coil from time to time, or predict mage’s blink occasionally, and I can definitely cheap shot without breaking sap in a duel for two extra combo points; but ultimately I was no where close to how incredible Akrios was. His reflection, understanding of the class and skills were beyond compare. The thing is, hardly any good rogue players come close to how skilled he was, maybe just a handful like Neilyo, Unmercy or even Grim from Vanilla. He managed to condense his best battles in those videos along with the carefully selected BGM and refined editing. I guess that’s why 10 years later a lot of people are still watching his videos. 

Be very clear I’m not gay tho, nor am I in love with this guy or anything. I’m just a regular nobody. Even though I missed out my favorite period of time in WoW, I don’t regret it. Blizzard made my childhood full of fun, and Akrios has made it even more memorable. Fast forward to 2015, when I was on my way finishing my college degree in sunny California, I realized that I was probably around Akrios’ age, (100 percent speculation, I don’t know how old he was), then I kinda understood how he felt, both about the game, and other aspects of life. At that time I hardly logged on. I said to myself: maybe I should let go, WoW is dead for me, and I have something else in life to enjoy. Perhaps I should be gone, together with other first-batch players who also started playing around 2005. 

To be honest I kinda hoped Akrios would start playing again on the WoW Classic which should be released this August (2019), because I personally was exceedingly excited and actually flipped out when I heard the news at Blizzcon. Hopefully they can undo all the wrong 'patches' and make WoW great again. I expect to witness the highest sub numbers in history soon. With my fiancée away pursuing her master degree in a different country, maybe I’m not a teenager anymore but hell this around I will have all the time to sink and effort to put in. 

People may think I’m a stupid crazy fan sitting in front of computer with big belly. The thing is, I’m not. I have my life and everything is pretty good. To me game is game, life is life, and for the game part, WoW plays a huge role, given the 15-ish years of dedication since Vanilla; on top of it, Akrios made a huge impact on me, on maining a rogue, on even how I play rogue nowadays. He will always be remembered, at least by me. I just figured a lot of people still yelling his name under the comment section on WCM nowadays, so I started thinking about this idea until I acted just now. I want to do something for the lost community of Akrios and veteran WoWer. He was a legend. Call me and others old school or nostalgic, I really don’t think it’s a bad thing to be part of the community. He deserves to be remembered by rogue players instead of many streamers on twitch without actual skills IMO. There are new good rogue players, even Mutilate rogue players, but they don't show what Akrios had, just my two cents. A little hater disclaimer: this is something I can do without influencing my actual life, so be salty all you want, but I might just be better in real life than most of you; I am spending over a grand for a domain for basically nothing, just something I'm happy with, while you, sir, can only talk sh*t and eat chips :)

He doesn’t know me, of course, and 99.9% of people who surf internet don’t know me. I intend to keep it that way, staying anonymous. In the end, my favorite player chose to fade away without showing his face or making money out of his fame, and just gently walked away when the game didn’t suit him anymore. That was admirable. He managed to keep himself and his work away from the stain of $$$. I like the way he handled things and I will do the same here; provide what I can, not caring for return or even if anyone is checking out the site, but I would just comment under his videos on WCM/YouTube as an initial shout out to those who care, that the website is live again, come say Hi, grab your music pack and HD videos before they are lost forever. That's about it. Probably that’s how you ended up here now. I never met him in person nor online. I don’t even know this guy other than the T7.5 Undead Rogue avatar in the videos, but I really, really just want to wish him all the best. "I hope that I've been of some help and offered you some entertainment along the way." (Wrote by Akrios) On the rarest occasion that he suddenly comes across his old website and sees all these - You did, both help and entertainment, plus a lot of wonderful memory, thank you, you are awesome.

All video credits go to Akrios, the producer. 

All music copyrights go to the respective owners; if violated, please contact.

All I want is seeing the prosperity of Mutilate Rogues and the amazing WoW community once again. See you in Azeroth (the Classic one)